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Money loves to be counted, and you will love MoneyFix! Just like you, we've been looking for a simple and convenient way how to monitor and analyse the finances. Notebooks, spreadsheets, applications - all of them had flaws, which we are tired to accept. And we have created MoneyFix application, that embodies all the things that we didn't find and dreamed about. We liked the result so much that we decided to share it with you. So what are the advantages of MoneyFix? EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED For a long time, we've been analysing the applications, available on the market, and not only them, whereby we didn't only combine all of their best features, but we also added some completely unique items, such as the user-friendly input of amounts, geo-referencing, and automatic substitution of tags. We promise that you will not be needed other applications. Even calculator is included in MoneyFix. EVERYTHING IS CLEAR You will be able to figure out and know what is what in seconds, with the help of thoroughly deep-laid mechanics and intuitive application's interface. EVERYTHING IS EASY You've made a purchase, deposited the amount and that's all! There is nothing to remember or no need to save checks. Moreover, MoneyFix knows, that the grocery store is here, and it offers the desired category. EVERYTHING LIKE YOU NEED MoneyFix adjusts to your needs. Are you in a hurry and don't want messing with category assignment while walking? One gesture and your input fetches up at "unsorted". You will examine it afterwards. Also a location of icon categories is changed automatically in accordance with the usage frequency. EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL Yep, it is also important for us. After all, something, that you use every day, should fetch! We paid special attention to the design, making it easy and unobtrusive. EVERYTHING IS VISIBLE In the horizontal position of the phone, application will automatically switch to an analytical mode, so you can view the statistics for a month or a year. EVERYTHING CAN'T BE COVERED MoneyFIX supports Touch ID for the security of your records. In addition, MoneyFix has the opportunity to edit the icon's colour, facility for fast acquisition of a category by multiple transactions, option of storing the photos from purchases (for example, in order not to keep in mind the brand of diapers), and many other utilities, which you certainly will appreciate! Looking forward for your feedback and comments on our Facebook page - faсе

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