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FREE FOR 2 WEEKS (ends: 10th of January) Every day is someone's birthday! Pick the right gift for her with this app, by beeing up to date with the particular person's wishes! Also, manage your wishlist, share it (if you want to), or follow the people you care about. You probably remember that awkward moment, when you purchased something for your beloved wife/husband or your child, but their deepest wish was not even similar to that? OR the moment when you were in the same shoes? Have a wish? Or want someone's wishes to come true? #Why WishList is the right choice?# •READY TO USE! You don't need time to set the preferences or create an account for use it!* •SIMPLE, REAL-TIME, SOCIAL You can create wish ideas within a minute, or subscribe for your friends list, so you'll get notified right after s/he creates/updates/deletes one. Like RSS feeds. You can customize your list - of course - but you cannot edit your friend/s list - obviously. You can only check it, and if you don't want to follow that particular person, you can unsubscribe, but that way, you'll no longer get notifications and your friend's wishes will be removed from your phone. You can re-subscribe anytime! •INVISIBLE, IF YOU WANT If you would like to create a private wish, you can do it with a switcher, so no one will see that wish. That can be any stuff , that is necessary for you, but kind of personal to share. •OFFLINE/ONLINE If you delete/save/modify a record offline, it will wait until you find solid internet connection, than save/delete/modify them. •ELEGANT, MINIMAL I tried to remove every incongruous elements, in order to focus on the content. You can make difference your and your friends wishes easily- by the tabs, the title of the sections, or the background of the wishes. So, you don't need to worry about it - you'll get used to it. •ENERGY EFFICIENT The app uses push notifications which is provided by Apple push services (instead of fetching records every 5/.../120... minutes) - so it is your choice, when to refresh your lists. You'll get notified about creation/modification/deletion, but it will not be downloaded to your phone. You can download the rest, if you want to. The app's structure is pretty simple, so you can navigate without any problem. The app is optimized for iPhone 5, requires iOS8. *You just need to have an activated iCloud account!

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