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Colorful messages for you and your friends, brought to you by Aaron Paul. YB is a fun way to greet and respond to your friends and family. Want to say hello to someone? Say "Hello, b****!" Want to make your special someone feel loved? Say "I need you, b****!" Fed up with your friend? Say "Why, b****?" It's a fun, colorful way to lighten up your conversations, made by Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need For Speed, Exodus: Gods and Kings) with his actual voice. Follow @aaronpaul_8 on Twitter for contests, free prizes, & updates! • Send and receive messages in Aaron Paul's voice • Unlock extra phrases to send. • Participate in contests with Aaron to win phrase packs. • Find your friends using your contacts. • Uses iOS 8 interactive notifications! • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ready!

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