Wallax - Wallpaper Fix Editor and Wallpaper Maker (iPhone / iPad)


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Are your photos zoomed in when setting as wallpaper? Has 100s of options to solves the wallpaper zooming issue. Wallax is the ORIGINAL & The Best Wallpaper Fixing App in App Store and Updated Regularly. No-Ads No In-App Purchase ===================== Only App which provides a lot of original & unique wallpaper fixing options with No Ads and No In-App Purchase. Featured in iMore.com as No 1. Choice for Best Wallpaper Apps ============================================== "One of my favorite wallpaper apps and one of the first apps to fix the wallpaper issue in iOS 7. Wallax is hands down the best option." - iMore FEATURES: Has lot of options to fix, resize and make your wallpapers. Fix Wallpapers =========== - Scale & Resize your wallpapers on black, white, color, gradient or blurred background. - Freely resize your photos & make them fit lock screen, the way you want. Quick Fix ======= - Fix your wallpaper in few taps. Just select wallpaper style and background type to fix wallpaper. Simple Fix ======== - Basic resize & background options for fixing wallpaper. Add Following Effects ================ - Blur, Bokeh, Text, Adjustment, Filters, Colorize, Pattern, Splash Effects Tweak Wallpaper ============ + Refection - Adds reflection to make your photos to fit the correct wallpaper size. + Tile Photo - Repeats the photo to make a wallpaper. + Frames - Combine two or more photos to make a wallpaper. + Shapes - Mask your photo to predefined shapes to make wallpapers. Make Minimal Wallpaper ================== - Make minimal wallpapers by using Color, Gradient, Pattern, Bokeh and Text options. Supports All Devices =============== Correct size wallpaper for each device. Supports both iPhone and iPad. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6,iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and all iPad, including iPad Pro.

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