Crazy Course (iPad)


游戏 / 19.60 MB / 1.0.1 版 / 2014-10-12 更新

¥ 6.00


"Crazy Course" is a amazing arcade game, a real challenge! You must reach the goal, touch the finish line to unlock the next level, Get all the levels!!! !! unlock the 40 levels!!! Shift up and down to avoid the gauntlet of triangles and geometric forms. Twitch Arcade action! Touch the screen to turn your arrow and avoid the obstacles, use Power ups to change your velocity. Super Simple: Touch to go in one direction lift to go in the other, it couldn’t be simpler! An unique Score!! when you fail, your score goes to cero!!! Can you Beat the game without one simply fail?? Can you make the BestScore in the world? We wish you luck, but we doubt you can get it!!!! its a difficult challenge!!! Thanks for you support, and thanks for playing. If you liked it, please rate us, its very important for us. Follow us on Twitter. @janobestudio

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