B612 - Selfie with the heart (Android)

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What is essential is invisible to the eye. #B612 B612 will reflect an image as vibrantly as clear spring water. Find your true self within the shining contours and multifaceted harmonies. Take your time and look closely to see true beauty staring back at you. You might be surprised to see a familiar face. Features: + 57 filters : Which side of yourself did you show the charming little prince? There are 57 varied filters for you to use. + Random filter : Sometimes it feels like it can take an eternity before you find just the filter you’re looking for. Just tap the random button! + Vignette : Both a light touch and vivid expression have their places. Use vignettes to give your photos just the right amount of flavor. + Tilt-shift : Blur the lines of focus for a gentle touch that will bring out the true you even more. + Silent shutter : Sssh! Take a picture silently so as not to awaken the sheep sleeping soundly in his box. + Collage shot : Show everyone a glimpse of your universe by putting your smiles together into one photo. + Timer : 2 Seconds, 5 Seconds... Wait in excitement until the shutter comes down! + Selfie stick : Your beauty shines even from afar. Set your Bluetooth remote and enjoy an even more liberating photo-taking experience. + Share : Post your pics and share easily to Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

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