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This schedule book app allows you to write by hand. You can freely calendarize into a monthly or daily calendar. Why do you think people still use paper-based schedule books while smart phones and tablets are so popular? Perhaps, it is because they can't switch paper-based schedule books to digital apps. First of all, the existing app's system is based on typing a predefined content into a specified section using a keyboard which seems rather a prim solution for us. Therefore, we tried to create a schedule book app for users who like to write a lot of details, or make it colorful, or quickly enter minimum information by taking the advantages of a hand-writing schedule book such as the flexible entry approach and easy overlook. We successfully combined them with digital steric expression. For the important hand-writing input engine, we made a number of improvements according to user feedbacks through developments such as ThinkWrite. We believe it is a top class hand-writing app in the market for its practicality, although we will continue striving for improvement.

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