Split-Zees (iPhone / iPad)


财务 / 1.0 版 / 2014-07-17 更新

¥ 6.00


Tired of arguing over how to split your bill when dining out? Let Split-Zees do the work for you. Just take a picture of your receipt, then swipe each item to the appropriate person, and click Go Split-Zees! Features Receipt OCR: Take a picture of your receipt and Splitsies will scan it and highlight all items. Splitsies also checks for tax and subtotal values to calculate the tax percentage. Type in Names or Skip Names: Running low on time? No need to enter names, just start swiping items right away. Or, enter names for each party member without a limit on name length. Tax is Auto-Included: Splitsies will scan your reciept for tax percentage and then add it in to each persons total.

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