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Euro Coins Album is a great and genial application which allows you to have your private Euro coins collection always with you. With the "Commemoratives" section you can see, select and archive every single commemorative coin issued from 2004 to now. In the "Divisional" section you can archive by Country and by Year your entire divisional euro coin collection. When you select a coin, commemorative or divisional, you can read its description, its effigy, its coinage and more other like its specs (weight, diameter,thickness, material)*. You can choose through six different conditions of the coins before archive it, so you will have the possibility of adding every single coin you own with its quantities and its conditions. Here's a list of the six conditions included in Euro Coins Album: -BU: for uncirculated coins -BE: for PROOF coins -Circulated: for circulated coins and collected -Coincard: for coins within their Coincard -Official: for coins in their official package -N/P envelope You can also see the mintage of a coin in details with its official packages it comes with. Euro Coins Album provides the possibility of archiving each coin by its mint mark, for example: -A/D/F/G/J for German coins -E/F/S for Greek coins in 2002 And others... With the last update there is now a quick view of collected coins sorted by condition in each page (commemoratives, divisional) In the "Collection's Details" section it's shown a complete summary of your collection. Here you can see the quantity of coins owned by its category (1 Cent-2 Euro) and in total too, so you will know the effective value of your collection. You can search through your coins with the "Find" function making everything faster. With OTA updates you will receive updates directly to the app having new released coins almost instantly. Customise the graphic as you prefer simply going in the Settings section. Euro Coins Album is the best solution for each numismatic coin collector who always wants to know which coins he owns and which he is missing. Euro Coins Album supports now the Dropbox integration for backing up your collection. *specifics as the title, the specific mintage table and the description of the coins are written in Italian. Translations will come in the next updates.

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