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ClockStock - Forex & Stock Market Hours at a glance! Now supports Apple Watch. We are glad to announce new iPhone app each trader must have - ClockStock! Only in ClockStock you have a choice of 27 major Stock Exchanges*, 68 Exotic once** and 8 Forex trading sessions*** to see the open and close hours of. You can choose up to 19 Stock Exchanges to show on a main dial and will always have an ability to change them to the desired ones just in a few taps. With ClockStock you can understand which exchanges are currently open or closed and when the other will start their trading day easily and at a glance. Don't want to miss the time specific exchange will open or close? Just set the alarm and you will receive push notification desired time before (available in PRO version). All the information is shown in your current time so you don’t have to make any conversions anymore. Withal you will always have an ability to change your time zone to the one you need just clicking the UTC button at the centre and rotating the dial (available in PRO version). In addition to that ClockStock offers you some additional features can be interesting for you: - The app also works in horizontal mode. Here we are also not without novelty:) We combined the ease of understanding the Gantt charts and tied it up to the time of exchanges and the map - creating the easy to understand and convenient visualization; - Tired of counting seconds before the Market open/close? Forget it! Just click the CountDown button, select the Exchange and you can be sure not to miss the right moment (available in PRO version); - Ability to choose ClockStock color theme suitable to your phone. At the current time black or white, but we will add some more colors really soon (available in PRO version). * Stock Exchanges List available in PRO version: NYSE; NASDAQ OMX Group; Tokyo Stock Exchange; London Stock Exchange; Euronext; Hong Kong Stock Exchange; Shanghai Stock Exchange; Toronto Stock Exchange; Frankfurt Stock Exchange; Australian Securities Exchange; Bombay Stock Exchange; National Stock Exchange of India; SIX Swiss Exchange; BM&F Bovespa; Korea Exchange; Shenzhen Stock Exchange; BME Spanish Exchanges; JSE Limited; Moscow Exchange; Singapore Exchange; Taiwan Stock Exchange; NZX Limited; Saudi Stock Exchange; Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange; Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange; Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra); NASDAQ Dubai ** Stock Exchanges List available in Exotic Exchanges package: Please see the full List of Exchanges available in Exotic Exchanges package in FAQ section of ClockStock. ** Forex Market Hours in Forex Hours package: London, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Wellington PLEASE NOTE: 68 new Exotic Stock Exchanges are currently in public beta. You will not be able to see them in horizontal view and information can be not 100% accurate. If you will find any wrong information, just let us know. We are working hard to solve all the issue and enable this Stock Exchanges in horizontal view in future updates. We are always welcome to answer any questions: or use Support tab inside App.

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