Duckie Deck Monsters (iPhone / iPad)


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"Demystify the secrets behind dark shadows" - Stop hiding under those covers, come out and meet your new Monster friends! At first glance they may seem like creepy dark shadows, but switch on the lights and you’ll uncover a bunch of cuddly creatures who are ready to play! Each monster has a unique personality and voice, as well as interactive features and accessories. Tickle its belly to make it laugh, or see what happens when you try to swipe that funny hat. Most youngsters have a fear of the dark at some point. With the help of Monsters, we want to enable kids to not only adjust to the dark, but to befriend it as well! Soon, their active imaginations will be transforming the spookiest shadows into jolly characters. With colorful graphics, dynamic elements and fun sound effects, our app is sure to capture a child’s imagination. The simple user interface makes it easy for kids to play independently, or together with a friend or family member. Our goal is for kids to have fun while learning and developing their motor skills and coordination. Most importantly, this application is designed to be completely safe and to protect kids, therefore it has no additional payments or advertising. This app is compatible with iOS 5 and up. ABOUT DUCKIE DECK At Duckie Deck we create smiles. Our biggest goal is to support healthy and well-rounded development in the youngest technology users, while also creating opportunities for learning and play to extend beyond the virtual world. Toddlers and preschoolers across the world are playing our educational games and growing happier by the minute. We cover some of the most essential points needed to form wholesome personal and social habits – like brushing your teeth, sharing with others and caring for the environment. Come smile with us! KNOW WHAT’S INSIDE As a Know What’s Inside® member, we follow best practices for kids’ apps. Find out more at See our apps: Follow us on Twitter: @DuckieDeck Like us on Facebook:

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