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Basic version: This is the basic version of the app, if you want to use the Pro version that comes with more advanced functions and theming please consider buying it: CALCULATE WITH STYLE Numix Calculator is a calculator app design with simplicity and beauty in mind. It follows Google's new material design paradigm. USAGE: Swipe from the left and right to get advanced functions panes or use the three dots button below the sliders in the top left of the input box to do the same. Use the buttons on the left of the input box to open advanced functions panes and preferences. FUNCTIONS: The calculator support all the basic functions (+, -, * and /), but it also has advanced panes that allows thing like trigonometric functions and more advanced functions. WIDGET: The app also comes with a simple widget you can add to your homescreen that supports all the basic functions (+, -, * and /). OPEN SOURCE: Numix Calculator's source code is available on GitHub: MATERIAL DESIGN: Numix Calculator is fully material designed and as such it is integrated in Android 5.0. If you're on Lollipop you will get all the material design goodness including ripples effects and material UI elements.

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