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Wally is here to give you a massive amount of wallpapers! Utilizing Google’s Material Design principles, Wally is meant to give you a perfectly fluid user flow with subtle animations and bright colors. Using wallhaven.cc as the source of wallpapers, you have a really neat set of tools to find just what you’re looking for. Current features include: • Browse and save/set wallpapers • Filter wallpapers by categories, resolution, and/or aspect ratio • Search by text • Search by tags • Browse random wallpapers • Browse your saved wallpapers Wally uses the popular website Wallhaven ( http://wallhaven.cc ) as its source of wallpapers. What's Wallhaven you say? "Wallhaven is a site created by and for people who like wallpapers, as well as a place where anime fans can be treated mostly like normal human beings. The original idea was to make an alternative to wallbase.cc that could become a site in its own right." Wally is open source and can be located at https://github.com/Musenkishi/wally .

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