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***WARNING*** Don't install if you're using Moto G with ART runtime, I'm currently rewriting the app for lollipop and the issue will be resolved when it's done. S Converter is a fast, simple, and colorful unit converter. With a clean and simple user interface, S Converter is the most HOLO and easy to use unit converter! Convert kilometers to miles, kilograms to pounds, decimal numbers to binary numbers, and much more with ease! Features: • Completely free with no ads or IAP! • HOLO UI. • Instant Conversion as you type. • Convert to all units simultaneously. • Hide unused units by swiping them away (or unchecking them from the settings page). • Currency conversion with over 60 currencies. • Built-in calculator. • Light and dark themes. • Custom units. • Combine stones & pounds or feet & inches to convert from/to them as a single unit. • Choose between different grouping and decimal separators. • And much more! Available Units: • Acceleration • Area • Currency • Digital Storage • Energy • Force • Fuel Consumption • Length • Mass • Numeral Systems • Power • Pressure • Shoe Size • Speed • Temperature • Time • Torque • Transfer Speed • Volume • Volumetric Flow • And much more to come in future updates! tags: unit converter, converter, s converter, currency converter, numeral systems converter, holo, holo converter, holo unit converter, holo currency converter, material converter, material design,

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