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It’s a battle for digits and territory dominance in this addictive, strategic take on board games. Match with a friend, select a digit, and dominate the board. "My Digit Is Like The Classic Card Game War, But Requires A Strategy" - AppAdvice My Digits is a fresh new board game for the iPhone, iPod touch and for all ages. Test your mind reading ability and improve your strategic power. HOW TO PLAY * The aim is to is to guess the opponent digit right and also to select a strategic digit that will be difficult for the opponent to guess right. * Player take turns selecting a digit from the 5x2 board of digit tiles. * Drag the digit to the player space and then tap SUBMIT to turn the tile to yours. * If the opponent make a wrong guess the tile changes to your colour and the digit on the tile is added to your score. * Each tile represent a digit (0 - 9) and whosoever has the highest score at the end of the game wins. * Game ends when there is only one free tile left (0 is not included). * Each turn has a time limit and each round of the game should be finished under three minutes. * One digit at a time FEATURES - Fresh minimal design - Online multi-player - Retina ready - Beautiful soundscape - Smooth touch sensitivity - Unlimited gameplay - Get exercise for the brain - And many more Don’t forget to share your gameboard on Twitter or Instgram with #mydigitgame. We feature them on our Twitter and Instagram page. Twitter: mydigitgame Facebook: mydigitgame Instagram: mydigit Feedback / Support:

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