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# The reason why Fine Camera is so incredible. # These are 3 big features other camera apps don’t have. (1) Continuous shooting that doesn’t miss a photo opportunity like a driving recorder. (2) More than 30,000 image effects are available. (3) Easy to share photographs with various SNSs, clouds and edit apps. Regarding (1), this app perform continuous shooting of a total of nine sheets, i.e. four sheets before pushing a shutter, one sheet right after pushing a shutter and four sheets after pushing a shutter, in order not to miss a photo opportunity. So, it’s no problem, if you push a shutter after you feel “Oh! It was NOW!”. Other unique and interesting features are. - It’s easy to make a flip photo (animation GIF) using burst shots. - You can select shutter sound from silent shutter, animal calls and sounds recorded by you. A file size of one flip photo is made into the allowed size of the animation GIF which Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ receive. You can also share flip photos with other type of smart phones by using Mail and Clouds. The unnecessary photos in the burst shots can be deleted by using iPhone “Photos” app that can be directly activated from the camera roll of this app. Regarding (2), because 2 kinds of image effects (filter) can be applied to one photo covering a mask over it, 28 (effects) x 5 (masks) x 28 (effects) x 8 (lens) = more than 30,000 kinds of image effects can be applied to one photo. Like 1st and 2nd screenshot above, the following 2 steps are enough. Select mask -> Select mask filter (background image effect) Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Vibrance, Exposure, White balance, Highlight (darken bright portions), Shadow (brighten shadows) and Sharpness can be adjusted in real time. Shadow (brighten shadows) that suppresses blown out highlight is useful. If you edit a photo and save it, it’ll be added to the very end of a camera roll and original photo isn’t modified. When you save a photo, because you can delete the location information of the photo, it won’t be abused for a stalker crime etc. Regarding (3), this app detects SNS apps, Clouds apps and Edit apps which can handle photos and installed in your iPhone, and makes those apps a list. At one photo page, this app detects apps that can share the photo and lists them, and at the camera roll, this app detects apps that can share multiple photos and lists them. Take a photo -> Confirm it -> Share it The quickest 3 steps enable you to share a photo. You can configure three Mode settings as follows and switchover among them is easy. Mode A for “Take a photo outside -> share SNS quickly” use. Low photo quality, Location information ON, Date stamp ON etc. You can upload a photo in a short time and less data traffic. Mode B for “Taking a photo at my home” use. Location information OFF, Cat shutter sound, Elephant notice sound etc. You can share photos without fearing for the future, because location information of your home is deleted. Mode C for “Pet dedicated” use. Your voice shutter sound, Cat notice sound, etc. You can take photos of your photo-conscious pet. If you configure background color of modes individually, you’ll be able to notice which mode you are using. The manual and movies can be found at the following sites. Fine Camera Website At Facebook At Youtube Because this app is optimized for iPhone5, using from the model after iPhone5 is recommended. Please keep in mind performance of some functions in iPhone4/4s may not be sufficient. *If you can't access a camera roll right after first install, take any photo!* *When the time of a photo edit button or a preservation button is pushed and then application is terminated, because the empty memories of a system are insufficient, please push a home button twice, and terminate the unnecessary applications in a background or reboot iPhone to release memories.*

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