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App Store “BEST OF 2014” (Japan) “Best New App” in 39 Countries. Poin, a place to share & follow “interests,” is a simple photo blog designed to let you connect w/ people who share your interests & curiosity. “Life’s Full of Interesting” http://poin.co Lots of interests and hobbies, from mainstream to one-of-a-kind, are shared through “Books” on Poin. “Books” are like photo blogs designed to make sharing & following interests fun. Poin is simple to use: 1. Follow “Books” that look interesting. Many ways to discover & search. 2. Create your “Book” As many as you’d like, on any topic you like. 3. Post w/ your photos That’s it! Check out the app to see what everyone is sharing! =How everyone uses Poin= “Marathon” “Wine” “Fashion” “Movies” -Make as many Books as your interests “3 Ingridient Meals” “Gift Ideas” “Cafes” -One Book, made together w/ everyone “Johnny’s Firsts” “Wedding” “My Boyfriend” -Private Books, with close friends & family “Cars” “Stamps” “Architecture” “Art” -Collections, of hobbies and stuff you love “Accessories” “Knitting” “Portraits” “Nails” -Portfolios, of your unique creations “Walkin’ around town” “Today’s Sky” -Journals, of everyday moments =Recommended for people who...= + Love taking photos + Want to organize photos into collections + Have lots of hobbies + Want a simple mobile blog. + Discover… people w/ similar interests + Discover… new weekend activities =For feedback, help or questions, email us= feedback@poin.co We’d love to hear from you!

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