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Colormind's app allow you to keep your favorite game in your pocket : the mastermind. It has been created to be ergonomic and simple, to give you the best game experience possible. There are two game modes : a very simplifier mode called "Colormind" which is suitable for children and which will help you acquire the basis of Mastermind, and a "Mastermind" mode that contains the same rules as the well-know Mastermind. ColorMind will keep you entertained while you wait in the line. Keep calm, play ColorMind ! WHAT YOU HAVE FOR FREE : - "ColorMind" game mode - unlimited number of games won/left/lost - sharing of your scores on social media, via email, message, etc... - unlimited sharing possibilities - you can rate the app (give your opinion) without quitting it - you can discover other apps from the developer WHAT YOU'LL HAVE WITH ONE IN-APP PURCHASE : - everything you had before - MasterMind" game mode - you can choose the number of plays per round - you can choose the number of rounds per game - you can choose the number of color you'll use during the game - you can choose which color you'll play with - no more ad if you want - you can in multiplayer mode or in solo

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