Don't Eat People (iPhone / iPad)


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It's feeding time in the village! That means yummy sacrificial animals just for your big monster mouth. But be careful not to eat any people...or else! In Don’t Eat People, you control several hungry monsters whose appetite can only be satisfied by a record-breaking number of tasty bulls… but for some reason villagers are hurling themselves off the cliff along with the animals. You have one simple goal… DON’T EAT PEOPLE! Earn points for every bull you eat, and bonuses for special bulls that appear at random. The controls are easy - just tap and hold to close the monster’s mouth and watch the villagers bounce off your head with hilarious results. If you eat a single person, it’s game over! Game Play Video: ============== Please do not report bugs in reviews. We cannot respond to you, which makes solving the problem, and keeping you informed much more difficult. Please contact us through: to notify us of any bugs. Thanks!

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