Peeki - Private Eye Photo Lock (iPhone / iPad)


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No more embarrassing moments, hide photos on your phone you don't want friends to see. Peeki the ‘private eye’ APP provides you with control of your entire photo gallery and folders. Easy browse and block-photo features allow you to keep an eye on who can and can’t peek! This customised approach for creating and sharing photos is further enhanced by its unique block-scrolling feature. The locking feature will automatically stop scrolling after the final image is presented on your smartphone device. No more awkward moments when sharing your photos with friends and the ability to customise viewings in seconds for business use. Scenario 1 (private use) Imagine scrolling through your album with friends when you see a private photo you would have rather not shared. Alternatively, you lend your phone to a friend to show them a photo and they begin scrolling your photo gallery. Peeki allows you to create custom photo-slideshows that are passcode protected so you can manage your images and your privacy at the same time. Scenario 2 (business use) Imagine relying on your smartphone to instantly present work-related images to a client or colleague. No more wasted time searching for relevant images. Peeki allows you to select and view relevant photos instantly by blocking out unwanted shots for a quick and easy picture presentation that is bound to impress. Any attempt to return to the whole gallery will be met with a ‘passcode screen’ so you maintain control when your phone leaves your hands. Featuring a unique way to create and share a photo slide show in seconds. Key Features: - Block and hide photos - Unique block photo scrolling - Pinch to ‘zoom and tilt’ - Navigate multiple folders with ease - Quick-view photos and images from numerous locations - Collate mobile images into one screen for easy selection - Personalise a customised gallery in seconds - Create unlimited gallery slide show combinations - Protect with key code password

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