JoyJoy (iPhone / iPad)

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游戏 / 41.50 MB / 1.02 版 / 2014-05-28 更新

¥ 12.00


To celebrate the announcement of Overload, a new game from Radiangames and the creators of Descent ( ALL RADIANGAMES TITLES ARE ON SALE! JoyJoy is the new fantastically satisfying twin-stick shooter from Radiangames, creator of Inferno+, Ballistic SE, Super Crossfire, and more. * Blast your way through 24 unique waves and 6 intense challenges. * Upgrade 6 varied weapons, along with your ships' speed, armor, and special attack. * Choose one of 5 difficulty levels, with 2 bonus difficulty levels (Lightning and Armored) providing new ways to play the game. * Track your progress with Achievements. Compare your best scores online with GameCenter leaderboards. * Use the smooth, customizable virtual controls or an iOS7-compatible controller (dual analog sticks required).

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