Snapmate - Wireless Photo Sharing Camera (iPhone / iPad)


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Snapmate is an innovative app using wifi network that lets you share photos or videos with friends or family nearby during you are taking photos and videos. It's not sharing after finishing taking the photo or video; during a trip or when in outside with your family or friends, a simple connection would automatically save the photo and video in their camera roll whenever you take a photo and a video. Taking photos at the same place and sharing right there through this app would make the trip much more fun. The realtime filter inside Snapmate will show realtime filter results and aid in the photo and video taking. Download it now and take photos with friends. The time you spend with them would become much happier. How to use: 1. Choose the device to connect after opening the connection window. 2. Tap the device you wish to connect and invite them (Invited person should accept the invitation). 3. The photos and videos taken after connection would be automatically shared (**if the sharing doesn't work, please check your connection or check if the devices are too far away) Note: - You should turn on wifi for using this app. - The real time filter and multipeer direct sharing feature are used simultaneously, and could result in faster battery consumption - Please use screen saver mode to save battery. Sharing still works in Screen saver mode. - Multipeer Conncetivity is a new iOS7 feature. It especially does not support multitasking, so in the background state, the peer to peer sharing would not work. (returning to the app after background state would require you to connect again) - High photo quality would result in slower sharing between devices. To use peer to peer sharing, please set the quality to below medium. - 3 or lower people would result in faster sharing due to the limitation of transfer speed. - If the distance between the devices increases or there is much obstacles between devices, the Wifi signal gets weaker, and could cause failure in sharing. (safe distance: 5m)

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