AcDisplay (Deprecated) (Android)

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AcDisplay has moved: This update brings a completely new and unique design with a lot of new possibilities. The design is more streamlined and is aimed at giving you the best possible experience! Summary: AcDisplay is a new way of handling notifications in Android. It will let you know about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what\'s going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to view all the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasing and minimalistic manner. FAQ: Q: What Android version is supported? A: Currently, 4.4+ but i'm working on it. Q: I have installed this app but can't find Pocket mode. Where's it? A: It's in my to-do list. Be patient and stay tuned. Q: How to uninstall it? A: Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and uncheck AcDisplay. You can now uninstall AcDisplay normally. Links: Google plus community: Thread on XDA-Developers: Tags: Notification, Time, Instant Access, Message, Unlock, Detect, Time, Clock, Gestures, Beautiful

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