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[What is StampBank?] StampBank allows you to cut out and import images for stamps on the grid. Draw lines on a grid, and the background will automatically be made transparent. StampBank can either import images by using screenshots with stamps or by placing stamps on a grid image with another app. Decorate and make your photo pretty with imported stamps. Imported stamps can be saved with no limit in the app. Stamps can be organized into albums or you can even sort them. Create a big collection of your own stamps! [Video Tutorial] Search "StampBank" and see a tutorial in YouTube. [Recommended for people who:] ■ already have an image for stamps. ■ want to organize stamps that are stored in other apps. [Before You Buy!] ■ Please respect the copyrights of others. ■ This app is not for cutting out a photo. ■ Stamps are not able to be imported properly from the following images. (1) An image that is not on a grid. (2) An image that contains a background pattern or design. (3) An image that contains multiple background colors. [Any problems?] ■ Please read the FAQ in the app! ■ When you cannot start the app, make sure you back up your data and uninstall the app from your device. Then, restore both the app and stamps from the backup. [StampBank Features] 1. Save a grid image (1) Select the aspect ratio of an exclusive grid image and the size of the grid. (2) Save  iOS photo album 2. Import stamps (1) Select a source image From iOS photo album (2) Adjust the gird location and size (2) Auto delete of the background (3) Adjust the delete area  Adjust the background color area and outline (4) Manually adjust the delete area  Brush, eraser, or undo (5) Save  To a new album in the app 3. Edit a photo (1) Upload the original image  iOS photo album or camera (2) Place your stamps (3) Create letter stamps. Adjust the font and color and then place them (4) Save iOS Photo Album, iOS Clipboard Instagram, Twitter, Facebook 4. Organize the stamps  No limit to saving stamps in the app album (1) Create an album (2) Rename the albums (3) Sort the albums (4) Delete the albums (5) Sort the stamps (6) Delete the stamps (7) Move the stamps * The maximum size of the long side on "Edit photo" is 1,800 pixels.

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