Frammer (iPhone / iPad)


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Frammer is a simple application that allows you to extract your favorite frames from a video, with an intuitive and clean interface. Features: - displays the list of videos saved in the device or in iCloud; - tap the screen to start and stop the playback; - play the video frame by frame, at half speed or normal speed (forward or reverse mode); - video scrubbing with your finger (pan gesture); - rotate the video in portrait or landscape mode (rotation gesture); - fill or fit the video within the layer’s bounds and preserve the aspect ratio (pinch gesture); - select the start point by using the slider; - save the current image in the camera roll; - send it by sms or e-mail; - post it on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Weibo and TencentWeibo; - assign the image to your contact; - share with AirDrop or print with AirPrint. To save the image in the camera roll and other features, scroll down the popup presented when tapping the top-right button. Version available for iPhone/iPad/Mac/Apple TV.

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