LiteCamera (iPhone / iPad)


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This is small size pic ios camera app. "300K BYTE PICT SIZE." When it is standard camera app to take a little photo, photo size is too high? You can size down about 80% photograph data if you use the LiteCamera. "1M PIXEL 1280×960" The compression technology of its own, it can leave a beautiful photo even if the size down 80%. I do not know the difference between standard camera if about A4 print or iPhone screen. "ALL SIMPLE" I have designed a simple in all. Rising quickly, immediately save it by pressing the shutter release button. The simple and exif data of photos, such as location information is not saved. So it is safe even if as it is up to the SNS. "The instant access to SNS" SNS button will also be displayed at the same time open the preview screen. So, you can upload to Facebook and Twitter immediately.

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