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---#1 Calculator app on iPhone/iPad/iPod.--- Solving complex mathematical equations has never been so easy on iOS. This app can perform operations ranging from logarithmic functions, solving differential and integral equations, matrices to representing equations in graphical form. This app can replace the best scientific calculators available in the market on the basis of functionality and most importantly simplicity which makes it very convenient for the user. Available in the market for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this app is a cure for your calculations phobia! Features- ► Interface: It has elegant and intuitive interface. Simple to grasp and easy to use. ► Basic and advanced functions- Apart from arithmetic operators, this calculator supports many scientific functions and computes advanced expressions. Powerful features are available when you need them. Available functions include the following: → the usual arithmetic functions and exponentiation. → square root, cube root, nth root, natural log, log with base 2 and 10, absolute value, factorial, permutation (p(n,r)), combinations (C(n,r)), random number, standard deviation, mean, median, summation, remainder, percent. → trigonometric functions like sine, cosine, tangent, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic tangent and all their inverses. → bitwise operators. → Use parenthesis and nested parenthesis in your calculations. → Long press on any calculations that you have performed and easily use the result or expression or share the expression with any of your friends. ► Graph- This calculator allows 2-D equation plotting. Up to 6 equations can be visualized simultaneously. It allows dragging the graph and pinching to zoom in or out. You can use all the basic and advanced functions into the equation for which the graph has to be plotted. ► Matrices- This calculator allows you to enter matrices in a very user friendly way and can perform operations on them. You can set number of rows and columns (max 5 x 5) for any matrix you want to apply operation on. Perform any mathematical function on the element of a matrix. You can add, subtract and multiply any number of matrices. Special functions like transpose, inverse and X=AB^(-1) i.e. A/B are also provided. ► Integration - You can perform definite integration. Use any mathematical functions and form up an expression. Enter the upper and the lower limit which involves entering only numerical value i.e. pi() can be entered as 3.1415926. ► Differentiation - You can perform differentiation or derivative of any expression at any point. ► Equation solver- This calculator allows you to solve higher degree equations as well as linear equation in multiple variables. It allows you to set degree (max 4) i.e. you can solve the equation with up to 4 degree with maximum number of roots being 4. It allows you to set number of variables (max 3- x,y,z) i.e. you can solve the equation with up to 3 variables and find out their values. ► Unit converter- This calculator includes a very simple and beautifully designed unit converter with 12 categories and many different units. Currently converts different units of the following: length, area, weight, volume, temperature, time, speed, acceleration, pressure, force, energy, power. Great for doing physics homework! ► History log- This calculator remembers what you have calculated. These past computations are always at your fingertips. You can share them with anyone and can reuse them whenever you want. ► Share- Doesn't matter how many calculations you have performed on the screen, they can be shared via one simple share button on the screen. And in a moment, it would be available for your friends to see. Email your calculations and graphs from inside the app. ► Offline - This calculator works completely offline, no need to be connected to internet For Feedback/Support, contact us at

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