7 KEYS TO HEAVEN (iPhone / iPad)


音乐 / 47.60 MB / 3.2 版 / 2014-11-15 更新

¥ 6.00


7 KEYS TO HEAVEN Relax and Unwind with this Heavenly APP designed to calm the Mind with calming graphics and lovely sounds. Play 7 piano Keys Floating on top of a Heavenly Cloud on a Grand Voyage.... This APP comes with 7 different sounds that can be layered on top of one another. Each sound produces its own unique effect that emerges from the keys as you play them. (The APP also has a Sound Buffer if you press to many keys at once) Guarantying a relaxing Audio Experience every-time. GREAT for KIDS and babies! Instructions: * Swipe Down/Up to bring or Hide the Sound Bank * Choose a sound from the Sound Bank * Layer multiple Sounds Enjoy and Thank you...

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