Convertbee - 单位转换器 货币转换器 (Android)

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Convertbee 是一款单位换算工具,可以进行汇率、长度、面积等各种数据的换算。 ☆ 打开 Convertbee,默认的换算类型是货币。切换转换单位非常容易,如果翻来翻去总是找不到,还可以搜索。而数字键盘不但是输入工具,更是一个即时计算器。 向右滑动即可切换换算类型,Convertbee 支持所有你能想到的单位。值得一提的是,应用货币汇率是即时更新的。 将常用换算添加到个人收藏是个不错的主意,而在 Convertbee 中收藏时伴随的动画非常可爱。 ☆ 小蜜蜂换算器Convertbee - Unit Converter界面做的很讨巧,左右滑动的设计也保留了android的原汁味道,很不错的小工具。 Convertbee is an easy-to-use currency converter and unit converter for length, weight, temperature, volume and multiple other units of measurement. Useful for international travelers, students, cooks, engineers and anyone else who needs to convert bee-tween units. Features ☆ Hourly updates for all 165 currencies ☆ Fast and ranked search results ☆ Calculator for simple math ☆ Favorite conversions ☆ Nice animations Convertbee works offline, but an internet connection is required if you want to update exchange rates. Conversions and exchange rates are provided for informational purposes only, with no guarantee of accuracy or validity. Visit to download graphics for promotional purposes. Convertbee was previously called UNIFY

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