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Get-O PRO is an exciting game that brings a new way of playing games on your iPad or your iPhone! "The large differential of Get-O is its innovative way of playing. That's the case in which we think: why we never used this feature before?" MacMagazine ( Through bluetooth, you can have fun with your friends pushing the "O" directly from your device to your friend's device. The faster and smarter will win the game! Get-O PRO is meant to be played by two players using two devices (iPhone vs iPhone, iPad vs iPad) through bluetooth. Tap PLAY on both devices. Select your friend's device to start a match. Place the devices in front each other according to the arrows. Push the circle towards your friend's device. To score, catch the circle when it comes back to your side of the board. ****************************************************************** Get-O PRO is an unique game of it's kind on App Store. It is a real success in many countries. TRY IT! The only thing you need is a friend to play with!! ****************************************************************** AMAZING FEATURES: . Improved way of connecting the devices. . Sensors: if you hit a sensor on your opponent's field you can get a bonus point, increase the O's speed, lost a point or reduce the O's speed; . Score system: now you can know your performance against each opponent you play; . Stars that show your rank according the results of your last ten matches and other enhancements that provide much more fun and competitiveness. ***** IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the game goes out of sync turn off the Wi-Fi on both devices. Keep just the Bluetooth switched on. If you have any inquiries please visit our website and leave a message, we will be pleased assisting you.

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