WingDot (iPhone / iPad)


游戏 / 17.50 MB / 1.2 版 / 2014-06-27 更新



A game inspired by the fearless and half mad daredevils who jump from incredible heights into the open air and literally fly wearing only a wingsuit. The game is simple; Jump from the tallest cliff on Mount Never Rest and dodge incoming objects to avoid taking damage. Fly through the rugged landscapes of Mount Never Rest and feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins. The more danger your expose yourself to the more points you get. You will meet Jack up there longest surviving and most revered jumper on the planet use to be a cow boy on the plains but decided to live in the mountain on account he liked to jump and found himself a love cave. Listen to him he is old now but wiser then the mountains themselves. How long can you survive...

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