Egg Head: Baby Touch and Hear (iPhone / iPad)


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Fuel your child's imagination with larger than life 'Egg Heads', designed to delight with their quirky smiles and charming sounds. With a simple tap of the screen, simple, colorful eggs are transformed into vibrant, larger than life 'egg heads' before your child's eyes. They'll meet a sunny rooster, a busy bee, and sniffy skunk and most importantly, a hoppy easter bunny. Let them guess which animal might appear. Work with your child to learn the names and sounds of each animal they discover. Or let them play by themselves and make their own discovery. There's also a 'baby mode' for the very little ones that will allow them just to watch, learn and laugh. Features: • Kid-friendly interface - simply touch the screen to reveal the animals. Even children under 1 can enjoy the fun. • A friendly child's voice announces the name of each animal • Over 20 different eggs - each with its own surprise • Modern graphics - appealing to children and parents • A fully-designed experience - rich visuals • Support for Retina iPad and iPhone • Fresh soundtrack with authentic animal, narrative and sounds • A 'Movie Mode' that allows your baby to simply watch Disclosures: This app DOES NOT feature in-app purchases This app DOES NOT contain any advertising This app DOES NOT report any personally identifiable user data This app DOES contain a link to our other age appropriate apps.

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