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Because we love TV Shows. iShows is the best way to manage and keep track of your favorite TV Shows. - An incredible and innovative way to keep your TV Shows sorted out. Trust iShows, you'll always get the next episode you need to watch. - Two different layouts (Poster and FanArt) to browse all your TV Shows. - Two themes: Light and Dark with six different highlight colors... Which one you like most? - Customize the look of your TV Shows by changing the FanArt and Poster covers. Also in gorgeous full screen. Get rid of the same boring ones! Save your favorite TV Shows artwork straight to your device! - Notifications: Let iShows tell you when the next episode of your favorite TV Show airs. - Gesture Driven Interface. Find out how easy and fast is to navigate the app! Discover those tiny subtle things. Devil is in the details... - Find what TV Shows are currently trending. - Brand new way to share the episodes you see or the shows you like with your friends. Just look what's being shared on Twitter or Facebook and add new shows with just one click. - Mark multiple episodes as watched by long pressing the last of them. - All your shows are automatically backed up in iCloud, so you will never lose them! - Archive TV Shows you already finished watching or those ones you plan on watching in the future. - And many more features... Get all your favorite TV Shows in the palm of your hand with iShows. With a beautiful, fast and fluid Gesture Driven Interface, iShows is the definitive app to manage all your TV Shows. Don't look any further. Enjoy! REMEMBER, this app is meant to keep track of your favorite TV Shows. You CAN'T VIEW episodes within this app.

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