Numerical: The Calculator Without Equal (iPhone / iPad)

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Numerical is the calculator without equal. Whether you’re doing simple math, advanced brackets or need a running history, Numerical has the answer! Now with 9 great themes, Universal iPad support, and automatic brackets, Numerical is better than ever! Best of all: it’s FREE! "This could be the best calculator ever." - TUAW "Exactly what a simple iOS app should be” - BGR “The way Numerical works makes more sense than Apple’s app for me” - MacStories “One of my favorite apps I’ve seen this year.” - The Industry NO EQUALS BUTTON. NO COMPARISON. The equals button was invented when computers were the size of furniture and it’s time to move on. As you type Numerical displays the answer instantly & your current calculation is always visible. 9 BEAUTIFUL THEMES. 9 BEAUTIFUL CALCULATORS. Whether it’s smart Grey, popstar Purple or serene Space, choose a theme and the right answer will always look great! LOOKS GREAT ON EVERY DEVICE Numerical works on iPhone and iPad so you can crunch numbers wherever you go. It’s also been optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. MINIMAL DESIGN. MAXIMUM DELIGHT. As you work Numerical adds brackets automatically and the single bracket key knows which one you need next. Working out a tip, a discount, or whether the glass is half empty? The context aware % button has you covered. SIMPLY SWIPE. Use easy swipe gestures to Undo, Redo and Save the current calculation. AUTOMATIC HISTORY. NO EXTRA WORK As you work your calculations are automatically saved to the History view. You’re always one swipe away from a solved solution. COPY AND PASTE. Tap the answer or calculation to copy them elsewhere. You can paste text from any app and Numerical will solve it. PLAIN LANGUAGE. NICE ERRORS. Errors are shown in sensible human language and numbers are formatted to international standards. If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch: Developed by @andrewjclark. Designed by @alexvanderzon. We hope you love Numerical. It’s a very tiny machine built for you.

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