Zippy - Tasks and Reminders (iPhone / iPad)

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***** 50% OFF for a limited time ***** What if an app could not only make adding and managing tasks easy and quick, but could help you get better at completing those tasks? Enter Zippy. ** Chosen "Best New App" by Apple ** Zippy is the simplest and quickest way to manage tasks and reminders. It provides you with Insights on your habits to help you get better at managing and completing tasks. Testimonials --------- "It delivers insights into your activities using gorgeous graphics to boot. Yes, Zippy is as much about the aesthetics as it is the nuts and bolts... Everything about Zippy is lovely." - The Next Web "Every once in a while I fall madly in love with an app. Thanks @gotZippy for being my latest app affair." - Sam @ "Zippy is a beautiful app for the iPhone that boosts your productivity by giving you insights into how you handle your to-do list." - Lifehacker "The more that one uses Zippy, the more interesting it becomes, giving handy insight into the working patterns of its user... It’s attractive to look at and very easy to learn, but more importantly, that insights bar is really quite appealing." - Features --------- • Become Better - Get Insights on how and when you do create & complete tasks. • Fast and Simple - Add tasks and reminders quickly in a beautiful and intuitive way. • Easy Organization - Quickly add one or more tags to your tasks with a single tap. • Organize according to your needs - Create as many new tags and sort your tasks by tags. • Add The Details - Add notes to any task so you always have all the details available. • Prioritize - View tasks by when they need to get done. • Easily Reschedule - Snooze and Re-schedule reminders with a single tap. • Get others involved - Share tasks via text, email, Twitter or Facebook. • Access Anywhere - iCloud backs up and syncs data to all your iOS devices. Insights - Zippy creates an infographic for you to show you how you do things so you can analyze your habits and get better at getting things done. Here’s what the infographic shows you -------- • How many tasks you’ve completed and how many on time • Completion breakdown by completed early, on time and late • How far ahead you plan out your tasks and how close to completion time you finish them • What time of day you're best at planning and finishing tasks • Weekday breakdown of when you create and complete your tasks • How many times you snooze tasks Filter your Insights to see how you’re doing this week, last week, this month, last month or overall. It's not just a to-do list... Zippy makes your task management simple, effective and fun! Follow Us or Get in Touch: Twitter: Facebook: Email:

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