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UniqueTrainer is the smartest, fastest and most prescriptively accurate personal training system on the app store. Generic workout videos and one size fits all fitness apps are a thing of the past. UniqueTrainer is intuitive Personal Training tailor made. -------------------- UNIQUE FEATURES -------------------- – Every Session is precisely tailored to your health and fitness. – Interact in real-time and your Sessions evolve as you do. – Motion-captured 3D animations lead you through every exercise, moment by moment. – Rotate to view each exercise from every angle. – Voiceover keeps the experience fresh and motivating. – Distinctive, easy to use interface inspires and rewards. – Use anywhere, anytime. No need for equipment or an expensive gym membership. – Share your results and progress. ------------------------------------ ASSESSMENT - PRESCRIPTION - FEEDBACK ------------------------------------ Every session with UniqueTrainer is designed specifically for you. It will asses, prescribe and feedback in real-time to constantly support and deliver a truly personal workout session. ------------------------- UNIQUE FITNESS LEVELS ------------------------- Unique Trainer is designed to develop your Unique Fitness Levels (UFLs), a universal measure of functional fitness ability. Everyone has their own unique level, watch yours increase as you get fit using UniqueTrainer! ----------------- THE EXERCISES ----------------- Unique Trainer comes bundled with The Fundamentals: Over 150 of the most essential biomechanical exercises for the most fundamental movement that every able bodied human being should aim to perform effortlessly. ---------------------------- CHOOSE FROM 4 UNIQUE GOALS ---------------------------- 1. FITNESS FOUNDATIONS: Develop fundamental strength and fitness from the ground up, using functional biomechanical workout movements! 2. TONE & SHAPE: Improve your muscle tone and body shape! 3. BODYFAT FOCUS: Attack excess body fat for a lean look! 4. FITNESS ANIMAL: High intensity strength and fitness amplifier! Many more Unique Goals to come! ---------------------------------------------- STEP IT UP & CHOOSE YOUR EXERCISE PACK ADD-ONS ---------------------------------------------- 1. CORE: Integrate Core exercises into any of your sessions. Unify the upper and lower halves of the body by enhancing functional core movement. Develop good posture, a well formed mid-section, strong abs and lower back. Equipment-free. 2. YOGA: Integrate Yoga into your warm down. Yoga aims at “Working-In” during your warm down and focuses on restoring energy and awareness back into your body. Many more Exercise Pack Add-Ons on their way! ---------------- GET FITSPIRATION ---------------- Feeling tired or uninspired? We all need a little pep talk or reminding every now and then. Here you can find all kinds of fitspiration to get you out of bed or off the couch. We’ve also got tons of tips on how to eat and live healthier. Why? Because we care!

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