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Like we always say, "Actions speak louder than words." With Minicons, we give you the power to use our icons and scream "Icons speak louder than words!" At Minicons, we like creating new, quirky, unique, and almost-never-before-seen icons for you to express yourselves to the world. Our icons are all drawn by hand and we only draw when we are drowned in music. Look forward to our next collection, aye? Features, features, features: ICONS - We now have 180 ICONS to play around with! Easily add, rotate, resize, and adjust it's opacity level. You can add a maximum of 3 icons! FREE PACK - Minicons first lets you play around with the app with 30 free icons, and if you love them.... VARIETY PACK - Unlock this pack and get an extended version of the free pack! ASSORTED PACK - Unlock this pack and get unique individual icons! WORDART PACK - Unlock this wordart pack and express yourself with these typographic wordings! CARTOON PACKS - There are 5 NEW PACKS! Which means there are a total of 184 cartoons full of silly expressions and emotions for your photos! BUNDLE-UP PACK - If you like ALL of the unlock-able packs, you can get them for only the price of 2! Seriously, UNLOCK ALL PACKS FOR THE PRICE OF 2 ONLY. ADD TEXT - All fonts are free, period. Use them however you want! You can easily resize, rotate,and adjust the opacity of the text. You can add a maximum of 3 text layers! This is pretty much all we need to say but its not the end! We are already planning on adding new features and MORE ICONS to the app. Oh! And don't forget to hashtag us #miniconsapp for a chance to be featured on our gallery. We look forward to your awesome creativity! PEACE OUT! - Team M.

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