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Pomodrone is an app that helps you increase your productivity by helping you take advantage of the Pomodoro technique, a tried and tested time management technique created by Francesco Cirillo. This technique can be used for any type of mental activity and is used by people around the world from writers and students, to programmers and designers. By combining relatively short periods of uninterrupted and focused work with frequent breaks you can maximise the amount of time you remain focused and your overall productivity. Key Premium Features: • Customizable Timer Length: With Pomodrone you can edit the length of the timer so that you can choose exactly how long you want to work and rest for. • Customizable Colored Themes: Pomodrone has been designed to look at home on your work desk and you can choose from a number of hand-picked color themes so that you can customize the look of your app to match your workspace. • Daily Goals: Pomodrone allows you to set the amount of Pomodoro cycles that you want to achieve in a day. Pomodrone will even reward you with an inspiring quote when you reach your goal. • Performance Statistics: You can view your performance statistics within the app to see how many times you have reached your goal, your average number of cycles, best results, and a chart to show your progress over time. The Pomodoro technique is a proven method for time management and increasing productivity and Pomodrone is the perfect app to help you use this technique and get the most out of it. Pomodrone could be the key to making you more productive and ensuring that you get all of your work done quickly and efficiently. PLEASE NOTE that this is not an official Pomodoro Technique© app.

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