D-Day Reminder (Android)


实用工具 / 1.1.0 版 / 2013-10-01 更新



D-Day Reminder is for someone who is waiting for the special date. Key feature of this d-day app is we provides several d-day forms like normal d-day, anniversary, met date, repeatable date. Also, when the date come close to you, D-Day Reminder will reminds you in advance. You will never miss the day. We have nice widgets too ;) ☆ Features - Specialized d-day from, (D-day, birthday, anniversary, how many days, repeatable event, to-do) - Different detail view by forms - Support Chinese Lunar calendar - Allow daily, weekly, monthly, yearly repeatable date - Simple to-do function - Widgets! (1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2 List, 4x4 List) We are doing our best to provide more useful, funnier and interesting function. If you need things to tell use, press menu button and give us an email :)

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