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My Day - free countdown timer app! Comes with a widget for home screen Works best as a countdown clock with reminder until birthday, christmas, wedding, vacation or holiday, pregnancy, baby due dates, new year 2016, anniversary, graduation and other exciting events that are happening around you. Set up dates for your important events in the calendar and the other will get you the exact number of remaining days, hours, minutes and seconds left till your event. With My Day countdown timer app it’s easy. My Day app is a great planner that notifies you about all these memorable moments that make your life interesting and exciting. Just wind up My Day off and it will help you plan your life according to what you cannot miss. Make sure your nearest and dearest receive your congrats and warm wishes for Birthdays. Your friend is getting married? Don’t worry! My Day timer calculator will notify you when to be fully prepared. A long-awaited trip is filling you with joy and excitement? Free countdown clock is on! Let’s see how many more days you will have to crave for it. My Day is utterly simple and boundlessly eventful and its free. Your event will meet all your expectations with beautiful wallpapers you can decorate it with. Don’t even doubt about that! Features: • Dozens of free wallpapers, themes, backgrounds for your events. • Count down years, months, days, hours, minutes & seconds. • Settings - choose colors, styles & units. • Many holidays to follow. • Share to Facebook capabilities. • Widget. • Very simple to use. • Beautiful graphics. To sum up, My Day is ultimate free countdown timer app.

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