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Square InPic is a powerful, but still very easy to use photo editor and collage photo maker. Create amazing high quality pictures and collage photo grids using various frames, stickers, backgrounds and texts. Square InPic Photo Editor lets you add custom background images as borders to make your beautiful pictures even more special and unique. You even can create instasize square pictures using built in No Crop feature if you still prefer the old, but nice Instagram square picture style. With this photo editor any picture will be perfect! Apply hundreds of emojis and make your selfie pictures more expressive! Square InPic is All-In-One Photo Editor and Photo Collage Maker with many amazing filters, backgrounds and emojis. ★ Has been Featured on the Google Play home page - sign of great quality ★ ✔ Add filters and text to your pictures Add great filters and typography to your photos. We have high quality filters so your selfie picture will truly stand out from the rest! ✔ Photo Grid maker Use the Collage option to create beautiful high quality photo collages. ✔ No Crop feature The easiest way to post high quality instasize picture on Instagram without cropping them! One click and you got your square photo for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. No more frustration when you have to crop your great full size photos before posting them on social networks. ✔ Adjustments Fine-tune your pictures with Contrast, Brightness, Saturation etc. tools. ✔ Simple and easy to use interface Simple, but powerful user interface helps you to get job done much quicker. ✔ Blurred background Create beautiful pictures with nicely blurred backgrounds. Available only on Android 4.0 and up. ✔ Emoji stickers Unleash your creativity with hundreds of Emoji stickers. Make your stylish selfie pictures to stand out from the crowd. Available only on Android 4.0 and up. ★ IMPORTANT ★ Developing quality apps requires months of effort and dedication. To keep the development going and to recover my costs, this app uses ads for monetization. ★ DISCLAIMER ★ Square InPic Photo Editor is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or any other social media. 广场InPic是一个功能强大,但还是很容易使用的照片编辑和拼贴照片壶。创建使用各种帧,贴纸,背景和文本惊人的高品质图片和拼贴的照片电网。 广场InPic照片编辑器允许您添加自定义背景图片的边框,让您的美丽的照片更特殊和独特的。你甚至可以创建instasize广场图片使用无内置裁切功能,如果你还是喜欢旧的,但不错的Instagram方形的画面风格。有了这个照片编辑器的任何图片将是完美的!申请数百个表情符号,让你自拍的照片更具表现力! 广场InPic是所有功能于一体的照片编辑器和照片拼贴制作了许多惊人的过滤器,背景和表情符号。 ★已收录在谷歌播放主页上 - 伟大的品质标志★ ✔ 添加过滤器和文字到您的照片 你的照片添加伟大的过滤器和版式。 我们拥有高品质的过滤器,以便您的自拍照片将真正从休息中脱颖而出! ✔ 照片网格壶 使用拼贴选项创建美丽的高品质的照片拼贴。 ✔ 否裁剪功能的 最简单的方法来发布高品质instasize画面上的Instagram无需裁剪他们!点击一下,你有你的正方形照片的Instagram,脸谱,WhatsApp的,等等。 没有,当你有张贴在社交网络之前即可裁剪伟大的全尺寸照片更多的挫折。 ✔ 调整的 微调您的图片与对比度,亮度,饱和度等工具。 ✔ 简单且易于使用的界面的 很简单,但功能强大的用户界面,帮助你获得工作更快完成。 ✔的 模糊的背景的 创建具有很好的模糊背景的美丽图片。仅适用于Android 4.0及以上。 ✔的 表情符号贴 释放数百表情贴纸你的创造力。让你时髦的自拍照片在人群中脱颖而出。仅适用于Android 4.0及以上。 ★★重要 开发优质应用需要的努力和奉献个月。为了保持持续发展,并收回我的成本,这个应用程序使用的广告进行获利。 ★免责声明★ 广场InPic照片编辑器不与Instagram的,Facebook或任何其他社交媒体关联。

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