Airmail (iPhone / iPad)

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** Due recent service upgrade iCloud Account may not work. Airmail is a powerful mail client with a minimal design and intuitive interaction. Support for MS Exchange, iCloud™, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Google™ Apps, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™,™, Kerio Connect by GetSyncd.Com. Airmail was designed from the ground to retain the same experience with a single or multiple accounts and provide a quick, modern and easy-to-use user experience. Airmail is clean and allows you to get to your emails without interruption - it's the mail client for the 21st century. We have taken usability and function to the next level with Airmail and bring a striking-design with support for all major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and more. Switch between accounts like a breeze and quick reply to incoming messages within seconds - email has never been so easy. Features: Accounting: - Unified Inbox - Unlimited numbers accounts - Alias Support with custom Smtp. - Account support for Exchange, iCloud™, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Google™ Apps, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™,™ - Local Accounts - Import from Apple Mail, MBOX archive, EML, EMLX Interactions: - Quick Reply - Operations history with multiple Undo - Offline operations - Transfer messages across accounts - Interaction sounds - Multi Touch gestures - Exchange Meeting Invite - Dispatch to other apps Shortcuts: - Gmail Shortcuts - Custom global shortcuts - Quick Label, Quick Move, - Quick folder selection, Attachment: - Drag and drop - Quicklook preview - Google Drive, Dropbox, CloudApp, Droplr, FTP - Inline image attachments - Winmail.dat preview - VCalendar Conversation: - Group by id - Group by subject - Chronological Reverse - Muted CC’d conversation Visual: - Multiple visual themes - Minimal and extended Mode - Big fonts - Plain Text Rendering Notifications: - Per account notifications - Notification center support - Notification alerts with custom actions Address: - Gmail, Exchange and OS X contacts - Contacts Group - Filter by address - Open Directory search Composer: - Markdown, Html, Html Source, and text only. - Custom settings per single account - Bullet and numbered list. - Paste as plain text - Extended message details on reply Sending: - Auto CC, BCC. - Pending operations - Send again - Delayed Send - Redirect mail - Sending message progress view - Bounce Advanced: - Time Machine friendly - Full Screen support - Deckles mode - EML Import/Export - Disable GPU to save battery life - Applescript - Activity monitor - Data Detectors Signatures: - Multiple Signatures - Markdown, Rich text, Html Source, and text only. - Signature above or below the quote Search & Filtering: - Global search for multiple accounts - Quick filter - User Scope filter, show messages of the same user - Advanced combo filter - Flags and filters Folders, Labels: - Nested folders - Create, Delete and edit folders - Custom folder's colors - Custom folder mappings - ToDo, Done, Memo Integration: - Calendar - Reminders - Evernote - Omnifocus - Fantastical - 2Do - Things - Spam Sieve Privacy: - Per user Autoload Remote Images, - Disable icon detection Partners: Airmail works best with hosted Kerio Connect by GetSyncd.Com

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