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MICRO-EXPENSES, MINIMAL TAPS Keeping track of everyday expenses shouldn't be work. That's why Cents has a gorgeous interface with preset buttons to record where your money goes in just a tap. Then view your weekly or monthly expenses as an itemized receipt! ₵ COMMON CENTS ✓ Just tap on the preset buttons for all your usual purchases ✓ Elegant icons for lunch, newspaper, train ticket, drinks, and more ✓ All 8 buttons can be customized for your most frequent expenses ✓ There's a button to record one-time expenses too! ₵₵ EVERY PENNY COUNTS ✓ View your spending by week or by month ✓ Intuitive statistics for previous months ✓ Scroll the receipt to see a list of recent expenses ✓ Was that martini on the house? Remove expenses with a couple taps ✓ Not a fan of pennies? Cents also knows $ ₵ € £ ¥ ฿ ﷼ ₹ ₵₵₵ TRACK 15 EXPENSES FOR FREE ✓ Cents is free to track up to 15 expenses a month ✓ Quickly double your limit just by sharing the app or rating it! ✓ Have several dozen expenses? Expansion packs available with in-app purchase How much do I spend on lattés a month? Where did all my cash go this week? Find the answers to these questions and much more about your everyday spending habits with Cents. It's the most elegant and fun way to make "cents" of how you spend! No more typing out endless information just to record that extra beer (or two) you bought. Cents is so fast and fun you'll actually use it. And who knows? You might even improve your spending habits too!

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