Blindscape (Android)

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游戏 / 45.90 MB / 1.1 版 / 2014-03-02 更新



Blindscape is a piece of experimental storytelling that takes place entirely through sound, . The narrative is told from the point of view of a man in an authoritarian society who wants to escape his life intolerable life by ending it. "A whole new take on puzzles . . . emotional and heartfelt." - "Games like Blindscape are a testament to the fact that even mobile gaming should be considered an art form, especially when done like this." - Features: • Stunning HD graphics • Up to ten minutes of gameplay • Some guy talking at you • No In-App Purchases, ratings nagging, or other interruptions • No badges, achievements, or social media integration • Makes you feel like a sophisticated patron of the arts • A serious, emotionally involving plot line • Look silly while you poke at the screen trying to find things Contact:

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