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Flib will learn your preferences and auto arrange your frequent choices at the top of the list. It is probably the most beautiful, intelligent and simple converter app you have ever used. It is the first converter app that embraces a flat design style throughout, while at the same time providing a frictionless user experience. It is also the first product from Ten Days One App project. Why you should try Flib? 1. A new experience for selection At most 12 choices at first glance without scrolling, save your time on searching 2. Remember your choice on categories and units The category list and units conveniently rearrange to put your most popular choices at the top. 3. 12 Colors to choose Say goodbye to the metallic style, you can choose your interface color, let Flib follow your style Flib provides the following converters: • Angle Converter • Area Converter • Base Converter • Data Converter • Energy Converter • Length Converter • Mass Converter • Power Converter • Pressure Converter • Speed Converter • Temperature Converter • Time Converter • Volume Converter Visit tendaysoneapp.com for more information and be sure to check out the behind the scene posts/book of Flib.

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