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Feeling drained? Always exhausted? Does it seem like you are always working but just don’t know where the time goes? Jiffy to the rescue! A lightning fast time tracker that increases productivity by quickly generating time sheets. Powerful visuals highlight what matters to you for easy access to the most relevant information. Reduce procrastination and maximize the value of your time. The magic lies in clear and simple work tracking, freeing up time to be spent with loved ones. The first step to freedom from the constraints of time is with the Jiffy advantage. Being aware of when and how time is spent is the first step in achieving freedom from the clock. Stop the seconds from slipping away by actualizing these moments into productively tracked time. Have you ever been curious about how much time you actually spend working outside of work hours? Struggling to find a work life balance without sacrificing career or quality time? Moments add up quickly over time. To realize maximum potential, every second counts. Living a balanced life means finding time for work and pleasure. One of the chief causes of overworking is not knowing how much time is actually spent on work tasks during supposed down-time. Don’t let those moments go to waste. Save those hard-earned moments by preserving them with Jiffy. By recording all time worked, guiltless tracking keeps employers happy and lets you know when it’s time to shift focus to leisure. You work hard and time with family is well earned. Jiffy lets you prove that efficiency, for unimpeachable leisure time. Maintain a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing either. Make every second count towards your goals- both for career and family. Efficiency is Jiffy’s focus. Stay competitive in the workplace. Keep your employer happy. Improve your lifestyle and enhance the precious moments you spend with your family. Time is fleeting, make the most of it. Download Jiffy and start saving time now! 感觉筋疲力尽?总是筋疲力尽?看起来你总是在工作,但不知道时间在哪里? Jiffy来救援!闪电般快速的时间跟踪器,可通过快速生成时间表来提高生产率。强大的视觉效果突出了重要的内容,以便您轻松访问最相关的信息。 减少拖延并最大化您的时间价值。神奇之处在于清晰简单的工作追踪,让您有时间与亲人共度时光。摆脱时间限制的第一步是Jiffy的优势。 了解何时以及如何花费时间是实现时间自由的第一步。 通过将这些时刻实现到富有成效的跟踪时间,阻止秒数滑落。 您是否曾经对在实际工作时间以外工作的时间感到好奇?在不牺牲职业或质量时间的情况下努力寻找工作生活的平衡? 随着时间的推移,时刻会迅速增加。为了实现最大潜力,每一秒都很重要。过上平衡的生活意味着找工作和娱乐的时间。过度工作的主要原因之一是不知道在假设停机期间实际花费了多少时间在工作任务上。 不要让那些时刻浪费掉。用Jiffy保存这些来之不易的时刻。 通过记录所有工作时间,无罪跟踪让雇主高兴,并让您知道什么时候将焦点转移到休闲。你努力工作,与家人共度时光。 Jiffy让您无可挑剔的休闲时间证明效率。 在不牺牲任何一方的情况下保持健康的工作与生活平衡。让每一秒都计入您的目标 - 无论是职业还是家庭。 效率是Jiffy的重点。在工作场所保持竞争力。保持雇主的快乐。改善您的生活方式,增加您与家人共度的珍贵时刻。 时间稍纵即逝,充分利用它。下载Jiffy并立即开始节省时间!

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