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Wakey is an app thought for people that want to use their devices without the hassle of the screen turning off constantly. Devices have a screen timeout that is used to prevent screens from using all your battery while you're not using your device, this is quite useful but often it can interfere with the usability of the device and turn off your screen while you're using it. Wakey will keep your screen awake when you need it the most, allowing you to have a smooth experience while using your phone or tablet. -- Note: Want early access to new releases? I'm looking for beta testers! Go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.doublep.wakey and click "Become a Tester" to get releases before everyone else. -- The app has several features that will make your life even easier: • AppWake (premium feature) AppWake is the most popular feature in Wakey, it helps you automate the process of keeping the screen awake. You just have to choose which apps should keep your screen awake and enable AppWake. Let's say you chose the browser app and news reading app, whenever you use those apps, AppWake will enable Wakey and your screen will stay on while using those apps, as soon as you leave the app your screen will restore it's default screen timeout. • ChargeWake (premium feature) ChargeWake will keep your phone awake when it's charging. • CPU Wake Mode CPU Wake Mode will keep only your CPU awake (not the screen), this is useful when downloading large files or performing some background work, when you finish the task turn it off or the CPU will stay on and use battery. • Dimmable Wake Mode Dimmable Wake Mode will keep your screen awake, but will enable dimming as defined in your display settings. This allows you to see your screen, while minimizing battery impact. The premium features can be purchased with in app purchase. Keeping your screen awake can be useful for a lot of things, like: • Gaming • Viewing maps • Playing Ingress • Using your phone/tablet as digital photo frame • Showing photos to your friends and family • Reading an ebook • Reading the news • Browsing the web • Checking your email • Testing applications • Following a recipe when you're cooking • Showing a desk clock • and many more... Wakey is memory and battery friendly - it will keep the screen awake only when you need it. When you don't need it any more just tap the bulb, or turn it off from the notification. You can also enable and disable it from the widget. WARNING!: Wakey might misbehave with task killers or if you swipe it away from the recent apps. If you experience problems please email me. Keep your screen on with Wakey.

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