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* This is a license package for Superuser. It does nothing on its own. * Superuser grants and manages root permissions on your rooted phone. This package gives you access to additional features not available to basic users. Current extra features include: - Advanced log management - Per app notification/logging settings - Pin protection for Superuser prompt - NFC tag allow (where hardware supports it) - Ghost mode - App list and preferences backup/restore - Featured Root apps list Proposed Elite features: - Settings backup/restore - sqlite installer/verifier - Root console - A widget of some kind? - OVER 9000!!! (It's a feature, deal with it) These features only work on the Superuser 3 beta that you will have to download and install separately. Trick is figuring out how to get it ;-) Support request emails that simply say "Doesn't work" or something to that effect are automatically deleted by our stupidity filter and will not be answered.

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