TinyList (Android)


实用工具 / 7.70 MB / 1.2.2 版 / 2012-08-13 更新



TinyList is a minimalistic app for creating simple check lists. It can be used for making todo lists, shopping lists, guest lists, score keeping etc. It is beautifully animated and very fun to use. Gestures : ✓ Single tap to check/uncheck item ✓ Slide to the left to delete list/task ✓ Slide to the right to edit list/task ✓ Slide right/down to duplicate list/task ✓ Touch and hold to move list/task ✓ Pinch to go back ✓ Pinch outwards to create an item in the middle of two items ✓ Slide down from the top to create an item at the top ✓ Tap on numbers to modify it using the built in number incrementer

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