Accessbox - Password Tracking and Generation (iPhone / iPad)


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**** 50% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME **** Stop using the same password everywhere. Accessbox stores and generates strong passwords that are easy to remember. Carefully designed to look simple and clean. Check out our website: to learn more. Thanks to its iCloud integration your data won't be sent to any external server for backup, so you are 100% confident that it will remain under your exclusive control, safely stored in your account. Randomly generated passwords are hard to remember and type. With our password generation algorithm, will give you strong passwords made of sentences that are easier to remember. Features: * Type or generate your own passwords * Passwords made from sentences. A hint will be shown below the password, so you can quickly remember and type. * iCloud Enabled. * No need to sign for an backup account or pay extra fees. * Ability to configure a Passcode, so only you can access your data. * Automatic download of icons for websites (if available) * Customize your access card color to match your the icon. At RoundedApps we believe that apps should be made with care, paying attention to details. We think of it as making art. If there is something we can do to improve the app, feel free to send us an email:

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